Mellow Mushroom: A Great First Restaurant Experience with Celiac Disease

Looking for a celiac-safe pizza restaurant option? Look to your local Mellow Mushroom for a fun, safe, and delicious option!

by | Jan 12, 2020

Eating out with celiac disease is tough and scary. The first time after N’s diagnosis was daunting. There just aren’t many restaurant options that we feel comfortable with because of the risk for cross-contamination. Remember, we saw her in her worst moments and there’s a constant fear of her getting sick again. That said, we know that it’s very important to try and maintain some sense of normalcy. We needed to find a celiac-safe pizza restaurant!

Exploring Options

There are a number of online resources you can use to find celiac-friendly restaurant options. Believe it or not, it turns out that there are actually more chain restaurants that offer celiac-safe options than local establishments. Mellow Mushroom has just moved into the area and we had loved visiting them in Asheville, TN. We wanted to find a local pizza option — who doesn’t want to find a regular pizza place for their family?

Mellow Mushroom has great safety practices that they outline on their web site. They have a dedicated kitchen space (super important) and they use a packaged gluten-free crust.

Checking In

The host staff at our local Mellow Mushroom in Estero, Florida were incredibly knowledgeable about celiac disease and the significance of cross contamination. They made sure to communicate with our waiter about our special need.

Menu Options

Almost any pizza that they make can be made gluten-free, which is pretty cool! Their menu is clearly marked which items are safe and which aren’t. We found this to be very helpful.

A Reassuring Delivery

The order took a little longer than expected to make, but it was well worth it. When the staff brought N’s pizza to the table, they actually came out with blue nitrile gloves on. They were serious! We didn’t expect that, but it was an odd assurance that their practices behind the kitchen doors were well thought out. All of this stuff may sound absolutely crazy to everyone else, but for those caring for someone with celiac it was incredibly comforting.

N’ Loved The Pizza

It was delicious. The pizzas weren’t large and (honestly) it wasn’t be best crust we have ever eaten, but the smile on N’s face was absolutely worth it! Check it out in the header above.

Have you eaten at Mellow Mushroom or do you have a favorite restaurant experience? Share in the comments!


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