Toddler Approved, Gluten-Free Breakfast Items

Looking for gluten-free breakfast options that are celiac friendly? Look no further! We share some of our favorite finds that everyone enjoys.

by | Jan 15, 2020

My toddler is honestly not a huge breakfast person. She takes after me. I can offer eggs, bacon, the works and she will flat out turn me down for cereal. Some of our favorite, easy, gluten-free breakfast items are highlighted in this post. Pair them with a piece of fruit and you’re good to go!

Check out these delicious options:

  1. Krusteaz Gluten Free Wild Blueberry Muffins. I keep a box of this mix in our pantry for when I don’t feel like baking from scratch. They’re good, easy and certified gluten free!
  2. Stonyfield Organic Kids Yogurt. They come in the tubes pictured here as well as regular yogurt containers. We often do yogurt, gluten free granola, and fresh fruit for a toddler friendly parfait.
  3. Annies Cinna Bunnies Cereal. This is N’s ultimate favorite gluten-free cereal. We have it on Amazon Subsribe and Save…and when you do that, it comes out to less than $3 a box!
  4. Katz Glazed Donuts. These are not an everyday item for us but a good treat to have on hand. They’re delicious (hence the opened box in the picture) and certified gluten free. We purchase them at Whole Foods but you can also order directly off of their website. We keep one or two boxes in our freezer at all times!
  5. Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix. This is a newer addition for us after a recent Costco trip. All you have to do is add water! So simple and N loves them. They have a slightly sweet, cornbread taste.
  6. Bear Naked Gluten Free Granola. Also a recent Costco find. Great for crumbling over yogurt or just snaking on, its that yummy.
  7. Schar Gluten Free Bread. We love using Schar bread for toast. It comes out perfectly crunchy and delicious. Our Costco sells them in 2 packs for a reasonable price!
  8. Vans Gluten Free Waffles. These are a regular on our grocery list. Van’s also sells waffles WITH gluten in almost identical packaging so double check you’re grabbing the gluten free version!

Remember, ingredients can always change and items can oftentimes look similar to each other so please double check your packaging! Do you have any gluten-free breakfast items that are staples in your home? Share below!


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